Garten Gretel

Corporate Identity for the biannual exhibition at the HTWG Constance for their course communication design. The topic Garten Gretel refers to the University's location, as well as to it's 'founding members. Posters, image films, stickers, temporary tattoos, animated facefilters, as well as an exhibition catalogue, including a setdesign for our graduating students were designed. The pictured Garden of Eden was a metaphorical paradise to blossom and bloom for our graduates and fellow students. For this project, a team of four designers were included in the work. Beside creating the concept, I designed 3D-visuals as films and stills, and produced the complementary facefilter.

Design and Concept by 

Sophia Eisenbeiser
Larissa Streule 
Sophia Hummler
Pia Thalmann