KD—Lounge is a public lecture series about design and its related disciplines. It aims to inspire, educate and entertain by creating a platform to learn from first-hand experiences by our lecturers. Giving insight in creative processes, styles and philosophies as well as the general work as designer, the series gains its value. KD—Lounge is independently organized by students of communication design in Constance, Germany since 2008 and grants an exclusive insight into the current design industry.
Season 17 evolves itself around the topic “Balances of Perspectives”. Besides the wide range of disciplines our lecturers work in, with each talk we always tried to answer the same questions from different perspective about design in the future and its impact.
Our guests were Basil Fournier (Paris), Andreas Refsgraad (Copenhagen), Bureau Est (Leipzig) and Friederike Hantel (Hamburg).

KD—Lounge Season 17: 

Erik Siemund
Leon Reeb 
Katharina Schönberger
Jil Huss 
Pia Thalmann 

Photos by Ida Kauter
Sounds by Felix Steidle